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Anne-Sophie Pic debuts her entry into Asia with La Dame de Pic, Raffles Singapore, a foretaste of Valence. Discover the world of Anne-Sophie Pic’s culinary identity, which reflects her search for aromatic complexity, combinations of flavours and powerful tastes that evoke emotions.

Meet Our Chef Consultant

Like Raffles Singapore, the Anne-Sophie Pic family’s illustrious culinary heritage spans more than a century since her great grandmother established L'Auberge du Pin in 1889. The three-Michelin-starred French chef Anne-Sophie Pic hails from a long line of Michelin-starred chefs, namely her grandfather, André Pic, and father, Jacques Pic. She grew up in her family's restaurant in Valence, south-east France, which first garnered three Michelin stars in 1934, under her grandfather.

Anne-Sophie Pic

/ Three-Michelin-Starred Chef

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At La Dame de Pic, Raffles Singapore, Anne-Sophie Pic constantly seeks complex new flavours, exploring each ingredient's full aromatic spectrum and combining flavours in clever ways. Bitterness is an essential aspect and a common thread that guides her creations. Anne-Sophie Pic works to reveal the underlying bitterness in all type of products, vegetables, herbs, flowers, fish and meat to underline rarer flavours. She enjoys combining bitter flavours with sharp or tart notes, to reveal a whole range of tastes in a dish that brings depth and turns the dining experience into a multi-sensorial episode.

Herbs & Aromatic Plants

Herbs and aromatic plants, leaves, flowers and buds, spices, vegetables and citrus fruits are just a few of her favourite ingredients. Her culinary universe also includes saffron, liquorice, green anise, cinnamon tree flowers, fir-tree buds, Tonka beans, rose geranium, orange blossom, sobacha, matcha, and Voatisperifery pepper, among other ingredients.


Sauces are the cornerstone of her creations and every dish is served with a consomme, broth, jus or infusion to reveal their depth. She revels in discovering new produce when she settles in a different country - Meeting local producers helps to enrich her culinary world and give her ideas for new flavours combination or cooking techniques.



As part of the Anne-Sophie Pic experience, guests can expect to savour refined dishes from a menu that reflects her French origins with interesting adaptions that incorporate the flavour combinations, cooking techniques and produce from local markets. Her French culinary roots are demonstrated in her work with sauces, where she expresses complex flavour combinations. Anne-Sophie Pic delights in discovering new ingredients and producers each time she travels globally. An inquisitive individual, she enjoys meeting farmers and producers to enrich her culinary world and better understand ingredients to gain new inspiration for flavour combination and cooking techniques.


The 46-seat La Dame de Pic, Raffles Singapore embodies an air of timeless elegance and is designed with personality and spirit to reflect her culinary style of showcasing varying contrasts. Soft pink hues and rich plums are matched with grey clay tones and metallic accents, while a peony bas relief graces the ceiling. Taking centre stage in the restaurant is a gold chandelier composed of tiers of discs with laser-cut spades, a play on ‘La Dame de Pic’ which translates to ‘queen of spades’, and wall sconces that play on circular geometries add an element of charm and enchantment while making a bold and definitive creative statement in the dining space. La Dame de Pic is powerful and charismatic yet elegant and feminine.